Michelle (acceptmyheart) wrote in fob_team,

Newsletters? Whattt?

Heyyy Everyone who is lurking this. Join! I'm going to start making newsletters through here so all info is up to date and i can update numerous amounts of times. haha. lucky you! As you may or may not know, we have been having trouble with our email account. The problem is: we have so many kids on the street team it takes forever to send out newsletters. Why? you ask. well with yahoo you can only send it to 100 people every hour. Soo stupid. Thats why sometimes some people dont receive the newsletters becuse yahoo likes to cut it off. Let everyone know to come join this and if you havent already join www.fueledbyramen.com/streetteam, www.myspace.com/falloutboystreetteam, and email fobteam@yahoo.com. We have it all! :P

Just a little heads up (more news will be made up in a post once we get more people to come over here) Evening out with your girlfriend is suppose to be re-released with a vamped up artwork and remastered songs. Check out the new AP - page 77 and as soon as we get more details we'll pass them along. :)

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